FDA Approves First Generic Version of Ventolin HFA Asthma Inhaler

FDA Approves First Generic Version of Ventolin HFA Asthma Inhaler

For those who suffer from asthma, the generic version of Ventolin HFA comes as welcome news. This is because Ventolin HFA is highly effective in treating the symptoms of asthma but is also quite expensive. The addition of a new generic version means that many more people will now have access to this product. Those with a Ventolin coupon or those who have insurance which approves of such purchases will be able to afford this new version.

The popularity of Ventolin HFA is considerable when accounting for all the inhalers on the market today. The ability to get this product at a reduced cost is one that brings even greater accessibility both in the US and potentially around the world.

How Ventolin HFA Works

A beta agonist that is fast acting, Ventolin HFA is a rescue inhaler that treats bronchospasm which is the tightening of the muscles in the airways. The rescue inhaler can be used to treat a person undergoing an asthma attack or to prevent it from happening. The product is designed for anyone four years old or older to use, but there are a couple of side effects. The hands and feet may tremble or shake after usage and the heart may race. For those with coronary issues, they will want a doctor’s guidance in using this product.

As a rescue inhaler, Ventolin HFA works quickly to relax the muscles that surround the airways, causing the passages to open again. The same approach works to keep them relaxed for those who suffer from frequent asthma attacks. The product itself is considered quite advanced and preferred by many who suffer from asthma. Having a generic version means getting the same product at a reduced price while retaining its positive benefits.


Currently, only GSK offers a generic version of the Ventolin HFA at roughly $30 per inhaler. That is less than half of the $74 for the brand-name version. Plus, when other manufacturers start making inhalers, the cost of the generic version will continue to go down. When that happens is not known, but as with the case for most generic versions that are in high demand, other companies tend to follow suit and offer the product at a lower price.

Other Inhalers

In addition to Ventolin HFA going generic, there are other inhalers that have taken the same route which includes the following;

  • AirDuo
  • Pulmicort
  • Xopenex HFA

These generic versions are considerably more expensive compared to Ventolin HFA. This may be because the support for Ventolin HFA is stronger in the industry. This means greater accessibility and potential lower cost in the future when more companies start producing the product.

For those who have a Ventolin coupon or those with access to the discounted version, the first generic version of Ventolin HFA asthma inhaler will make a remarkable difference in their lives. This means that a highly effective treatment for asthma becomes more widely available thanks to its far lower cost.

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