Medicare for all: What really is it?

Medicare for all: What really is it?

Medicare for all’ is fast becoming popular and is commonly mistaken for Obamacare. Medicare for all have been on the headlines and lots of people are talking about it. Medicare for all is basically a health care plan made available universally by the help of Senator Bernie Sanders. The formerly known President Barrack Obama of the United States introduced Obamacare and Affordable Care Act (ACA) in order to help the American masses access health care. This platforms came into existence much earlier and has been very successful –Medicare rides on the back of this two successful platforms.

Medicare for all have become one of the most popular platforms associated with American politics. Medicare is a very unique program as it does not just benefit the masses or patients in need but also sees to reach out to the healthcare providers to ensure they are also beneficiaries and hence, creating a balance. Regardless of most factors that limit people on a regular basis such as age, their income or earnings, status quo and other similar factors, Medicare for all would benefit each and every one.

Several other nations of the industrialized world have universal health care and the U.S via this platforms joins the other nations in ensuring improved health and saving of money. Medicare has been in existence since 1965 and it has been expanded to cover a much wider span of people in recent times.

The program promises to cover a great number of detailed health services and products and some of the many benefits of Medicare for all includes the under listed.

  • Care for people with vision difficulties or impaired eyesight or eye related difficulties.
  • Prescription of medications for patients.
  • Health care service provision for inpatients and outpatients.
  • Provision of the required medical supplies and sophisticated equipment
  • Carrying out of diagnostic tests
  • Healthcare for both short-term and long term basic and care for special cases
  • Also covers emergency cases health care services and non-emergency health care services.

Medicare for all aims at benefitting the general public and also every individual. With this platform, health care services will be provided to everyone not from a centralized health care point but rather from your preferred health care service providers. It ensures you don’t have to worry anymore about the cost of footing out- of-pocket expenses or the network of the service provider –On annual basis, the average family will be capable of saving an estimated amount of $5,800 under Medicare for all. This program will help provide a very simple payment structure through a public insurance system and drastically reduce the nation’s healthcare expenditure by an estimated $6 trillion for the next couple of years (10 years).

Medicare for all will also be instrumental in effective tracking of individual health care provider usage, helping the health care providers to better serve the community and make better strategies.

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