What is Pyridium?

What is Pyridium?


Pyridium which is also known as Phenazopyridine Hydrochloride can be said to be a substance or drug which focuses on reducing the amount of pain which can be felt in the urinary section of the body. You can easily identify this tablet by its reddish color, slightly bitter taste and its crystalline nature. It is usually used in situations where a reduction of pain is necessary to relieve the patient.

The tablets which are formed from this substance are usually made up of a lot of substances. These substances would usually include;

• Carnauba wax

• Microcrystalline cellulose

• Povidone

• Magnesium stearate and so much more

Pyridium can be used to treat various types of indications and symptoms. These indications would usually include;

• It can be used to reduce pain which is felt. In other words, it works for pain relief

• It can also be used to stop all burning sensation which can be found in various parts of the body

• It also helps in the reduction of all sorts of irritation which can develop due to issues involving the tract in the urinary region of the body. These irritations are usually caused by things such as infections, surgery and so much more

However, it is important to note that while this tablet would most likely reduce and relieve the person from pain, it does nothing to stop or cure the root cause of the pain. Therefore, while this tablet is good for is to stop the pain temporarily, the person who is under pain would still need to see his or her physician in order to get themselves checked out properly. Once all the issues have been resolved, it would be advisable that all Pyridium treatments should be stopped with immediate effect.

It is important to always remember that using this tablet for treatment may make the need to use narcotics in treatment unnecessary as these tablets are sufficient for the purpose. You should also note that usage of this tablet has been proven to be extremely compatible with therapies which deal with antibacterial techniques. Also, you should always remember that you should never allow the Phenazopyridine to go further than two days when used in conjunction with an antibacterial therapy.

The dosage of this drug is a fairly simple and straightforward process. For every adult, it is recommended that they take over two tablets thrice a day. This only applies when the tablets are 100mg

When dealing with 200mg tablets, adults should take only one tablet thrice a day. All dosages which are taken should be taken only after eating. You would find that most of the tablets can be purchased in bottles that come in brown or maroon colours. It also comes with a container which is designed to protect the tablets and keep it safe from the wandering hands of children.

Finally, make sure that you store this tablet in a place whose temperature is between 21-25 degrees Celsius as this is the best temperature for this tablet.

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